Third season of THE CURRENT is under way!

8 new films are premiering on this site every two weeks!  
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Stay tuned, spread the word, be inspired, and partake in debate!

We've made a small show reel with clips from Season Two, for you to enjoy below :)

Team Current

THE CURRENT - season three

During the fall of 2015 The Current will release eight short films by ten different directors, who each in their own way will treat a current subject with the tools of cinema.
As a supplement to the film and subject, each film with be accompanied by an in-depth article written by a relevent person, expert, or journalist. The article will be released along with the film.
The films and articles will feature in an end-of-season The Current Event, premiering the finished works prior to public release. The Current will be freely accessible on a variety of online platforms, as well as in “the real world” upon premiering.

The Current is a series of cinematic takes on alternative communication of various more or less uncovered subjects from public discourse in 2015. It is our mission to add to the conventional forms of media communication an extra dimension, through creative and artistic means in the world of film.
 The Current strives to create an undercurrent in the media landscape, offering new angles and a deeper insight into specific news topics and current social themes.

Along with information about the directors, all eight films will be available to watch on this website, as well as on The Current's facebook page, as they premiere one every two weeks, during the course of the fall.

The first film premieres October 15th 2015.

The Current is brought to you by KNOCKKNOCK -
in collaboration with FLYING FILMS -
and other creative partners

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