We're so grateful for the great feedback and interest in our very first season of The Current.

We've made a small showreel with clips, we hope you would enjoy and share till we'll return with a brand new season in the fall 2014. Stay tuned!

Happy summer time,

Team Current

THE CURRENT - season two

Over the course of 10 weeks in the fall 2014, The Current will release 10 short films by 10 different directors, who in each their own way will explore a current theme, and treat it using the tools of cinema. The films will be widely accessible on varying platforms online as well as in “the real world”. 

The Current is 10 attempts at alternative journalistic modes of communication, and 10 never before seen explorations of the news media. A creative supplement. It is entirely free and widely accessible. Based on the idea that our world view originates from our often abstract emotional life, rather than from our rational thoughts, it is our mission to add to news media an extra dimension across the spoken and written word - doing so via creative and artistic cinematic solutions. 

Along with information about the directors, all 10 films will be available to watch on this website as they premiere one at a time, week after week, during the course of the spring.

The first film premieres on September 4th 2014.

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